ZMA Complex, 90 capsules

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The complex is able to raise the level of the athlete’s own free testosterone and increase the strength. The feature of this complex is the synergy of the interaction of components. The zinc and magnesium play a huge role in the functioning of the body’s various systems, and the bioavailable form of magnesium and zinc increases the efficiency of the intake of the compleh.

The popularity of zMA-based supplements began in the 2000s, after the first use of the team in the preparation of the football team. After 7 weeks, doctors found a significant increase in testosterone levels and the production of HGH in team players, as well as accelerated their muscle gain. Subsequent studies have shown that zMA is also able to speed up the recovery process after exercise and improve sleep.

The addition of the complex can be used throughout the preparatory season, as well as in the off-season, because the product has a cumulative effect, and the body is able to recover when taking this supplement much faster. The zMA is a good immunostimulator in winter, as zinc content enhances the body’s protection against colds.

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