Whey Isolate Coconut

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100% PERFECT WHEY ISOLATE is a highly purified whey protein isolate. Its protein content reaches 95% thanks to sophisticated microfiltration and ultrafiltration procedures. Such processing allows to achieve almost complete absence of carbohydrates and fats, in contrast to concentrate.

100% PERFECT WHEY ISOLATE helps accelerate your muscle growth and improve post-workout recovery. Additional inclusion in the diet of 100% PERFECT WHEY ISOLATE, due to its high purification, will allow faster and more effective reduction of excess fat mass.

100% PERFECT WHEY ISOLATE can be used even with the toughest diet. And for professional athletes, the drug will help maintain muscle mass during the period of “drying”.

Reception of 100% PERFECT WHEY ISOLATE is recommended not only for men, but also for women. Usually, girls are afraid to consume protein products, mistakenly believing that additional intake of isolate will instantly increase muscle. The product will only saturate the body with protein – the main building material of muscle fibers. Replenishment of protein in organs and tissues helps to increase resistance to stress and look better. In addition, 100% PERFECT WHEY ISOLATE contains a large amount of essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize on its own, but must take them from food.

100% PERFECT WHEY ISOLATE tastes great. It can be consumed alone or in combination with other foods such as fruits.

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