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Termobooster  is a thermogenic fat burner . It consists of 7 herbal ingredients that have long been proven effective: natural highly refined safflower oil, highly refined alpine green tea leaf extract, yohimbe bark extract, astragalus extract, medicinal ginger extract, white willow extract and red hot pepper extract.

All these natural ingredients complement and enhance each other’s action. Termobooster contains chromium picolinate, which helps relieve obsessive hunger and accelerates glucose utilization.

Termobooster does not contain any components that cause limb tremors and can be combined with other products to help you achieve a “flat stomach” feeling faster in the shortest possible time.

The high efficiency from the use of Termobooster is achieved due to the synergistic effect arising from the use of natural extracts, crushed to microscopically visible particles and packed in a soft gelatin capsule. The unique technology for grinding extracts and delivering active components leads to a significant increase in the efficiency of its intake several times, compared to analogues.

What is the Thermal Booster for:

  • accelerates the process of weight loss even with minimal physical activity
  • reduces the likelihood of overeating
  • does not lead to withdrawal syndrome and does not cause depression;
  • can be used by professional athletes during training.
  • allows you to give relief
  • does not cause hand tremors, does not lead to the syndrome of “panic attacks”
  • can enhance its action together with other products “IdealStyle + prebiotic”, “Fashion vitamin” or “Carnitine Power 3200”

Termobooster does not contain prohibited or potent ingredients that can lead to side effects. However, do not forget that any correctly calculated physical activity only accelerates this process of active weight loss.


1 capsule daily with meals. Duration of administration 4-6 weeks
2 capsules 15 minutes before training

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