Protein EXCELLENT WHEY “Chocolate” 2270g

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Excellent Whey is a whey protein concentrate obtained using highly efficient microfiltration technology.

In addition, prebiotics are added to it – substances that improve the health of the digestive tract and increase the absorption of any protein. Protein is the main nutrient required for the normal functioning of all body systems. Modern food does not contain enough of this nutrient, therefore it is necessary to obtain it from other sources and Excellent Whey was created specifically for this.

Excellent Whey has several advantages over similar products:

  1. To increase efficiency, Excellent Whey has been added free amino acids to increase the biological value of the product, and citrus dietary fiber to increase the degree of protein absorption.
  2. The product contains the minimum possible amount of lactose and does not contain sugar or other carbohydrates.
  3. Excellent Whey has an excellent taste, which is ensured by the use of sucralose (the latest generation sweetener) and high quality natural European flavors.

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