Isotonic ISO FUEL "Grapefruit" 300g

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Concentrate for the preparation of an isotonic drink with a physiologically optimal composition of the mineral matrix and carnitine.

Iso Fuel + carnitine contains such mineral components that the human body loses to the greatest extent during physical exertion. These are salts of magnesium, potassium and sodium, excreted from the body with sweat and at the same time necessary for the normal functioning of the body in general and the muscular system in particular. Iso Fuel is formulated with L-Carnitine to provide extra energy during aerobic exercise.


  1. Unlike many similar products, the composition of the Iso Fuel mineral matrix is ​​calculated based on scientific data on the body’s need for microelements and includes the main ones: calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium. Thanks to this, the use of Iso Fuel allows you to fully restore and maintain an optimal salt balance in the body, protecting it from problems such as cramps, desalination and dehydration.
  2. Iso Fuel contains L-carnitine, which is widely used in sports nutrition, as a substance that allows you to “burn” excess adipose tissue to obtain a significant amount of energy.
  3. The effectiveness of all Iso Fuel components is additionally increased by vitamins, which, among other things, contribute to a more complete absorption of any nutrients, and also actively participate in the processes of building new body tissues.
  4. Another undoubted advantage of Iso Fuel is the absence of sucrose in its composition, and the carbohydrate matrix is ​​represented by a mixture of “long” and “short” carbohydrates. This makes it suitable for use even while losing weight.

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