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Excelent Mass 5000 is a weight gainer – a product of sports nutrition for gaining total mass, with an increased ratio of protein and carbohydrates. The goal of any gainer is to achieve maximum muscle growth in a short time.

The protein part of Excellent Mass 5000 is represented by several types of European whey protein. The carbohydrate matrix of the product also consists of a complex of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, the so-called “smart carbohydrates”: isomaltulose, special fractions of maltodextrin with a very low absorption rate. It is supplemented by carbohydrates with an average glycemic absorption index, in the form of medium-chain fractions of maltodextrins and fructose.

Soluble dietary fibers are specially added to the composition of Excelent Mass 5000, which ensure normal and comfortable absorption of protein-carbohydrate components by the body. In the composition of Excelent Mass 5000 there is no glucose (dextrose) and, moreover, no sucrose or sugar. Only long carbohydrates will be able to ensure long-term and complete assimilation of all natural components of the product and accelerate the set of sports mass by an athlete.

Excellent Mass 5000 has been successfully tested on a group of athletes during the period of weight gain. The results obtained during testing showed the incredible effectiveness of the created formula.

As one of the most effective ways of using Excelent Mass 5000, it can be noted using it in between meals. An hour and a half before training and 30-40 minutes after training, as well as between equal meals on rest days. An effective way of taking Excelent Mass 5000 is to use a gainer before and after training.

Before training, it serves as an additional source of energy for the athlete, creates a feeling of a surge of strength, which allows the athlete to train longer and more powerful, and whey protein in the gainer in the body creates a small supply of free amino acids. After an intense workout, Excelent Mass 5000 allows you to quickly replenish depleted glycogen sources and compensate for the lack of free amino acids.

It is important for an athlete to start the process of recovery of injured muscle tissues as soon as possible after training. In the absence of an additional intake of a gainer, the body does not receive the necessary elements from the outside, and resorts to internal resources, which can manifest itself in the form of unpleasant sensations in the muscles, cramps.

Sports physiologists have found that within a maximum of 90 minutes after the end of strength exercises, an additional intake of a gainer quickly restores the body, so at this time the so-called “protein-carbohydrate window” opens, when the body is working on the active assimilation of necessary nutrients, and there is no fear that some of the food consumed will turn into fat During this short period of time, the process of glycogen synthesis turns out to be more essential for the body than the formation of fats from carbohydrates with their subsequent deposition in the corresponding cellular structures.

Excellent Mass 5000 does not contain ingredients such as aspartame, saccharin, acesulfame or cyclamate and other substances recognized as carcinogenic in some countries. The excellent taste of the product is ensured by the use of components that are advanced in the field of professional sports nutrition products.

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