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Iron is one of the most important trace minerals. Its biological role in the body is that it is part of hemoglobin and iron-containing enzymes. Most of the population of our country suffers from its lack. Its deficiency is usually associated with the diet: no more than 2 mg of iron is absorbed from food per day. An additional factor of iron deficiency in the body is the predominance of plant foods in the diet with little or no iron, which in some places is caused by a low iron content in soils.

However, iron is also poorly absorbed in people with gastrointestinal problems. Most often, anemia occurs in women. Therefore, the daily iron intake for women is higher than for men and is 40 mg versus 20 mg per day.

Anemia or low hemoglobin can be determined only with the help of tests, however, its lack in the body can be detected by external signs. Iron deficiency manifests itself in the form of deterioration of the hair, pale complexion, dry mouth, sleep disturbance, fatigue, etc. Normal hemoglobin levels can easily be maintained with preparations containing iron or a proper diet. Of course, on an ongoing basis, you cannot use supplements containing iron, however, if you have identified signs of iron deficiency and confirmed them with analyzes, such supplements are necessary.

The advantage of the Ferum complex product can be called that the complex additionally includes vitamins: folic acid (Vitamin B9), pantothenic acid B5, Vitamin C and two trace elements manganese and copper. These vitamins and macronutrients make it possible to better absorb iron and maintain the necessary balance in the body of the essential macronutrients for normal life.

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