Fat burner CARNITINE POWER 3200 "Lime and Lemon" 20x25ml

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Carnitine Power 3200 is a product based on a highly effective lipotropic matrix that significantly accelerates the process of burning subcutaneous fat. Carnitine Power 3200 will help you create a beautiful, embossed figure in a short time.

Thanks to the presence of tyrosine and vitamin B6, Carnitine Power 3200 helps to reduce appetite and improve metabolism, which leads to more intensive burning of excess fat tissue. Thus, the use of Carnitine Power 3200 significantly speeds up the process of burning fat and at the same time allows you to significantly increase the duration and effectiveness of training.

Carnitine Power 3200 tastes great and does not contain harmful preservatives or colorants.

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Lemon, Lime